To start and run your social business successfully you need general and specialised business knowledge. Being a founder, you need entrepreneurial competencies that will help you, for instance, identify a viable market opportunity. Being a manager, you need managerial skills and abilities (e.g financial and budgeting skills) to run your business efficiently. On top of these, you need technical skills required in your specialised field as well as a deep understanding of the particularities of a social enterprise vis-a-vis a traditional business.
At EOS Academy we aim to help you evaluate your knowledge needs and gain the mastery you need to start your social business with confidence.


To realise your business potential you need to be part of a collaborative network of social entrepreneurs and partner organisations. Entrepreneurship is not exercised in a vacuum. Your entrepreneurial success will be highly influenced by market conditions, your social capital and resources. The market conditions are specific to the country you will establish your business ; such as public involvement, competition, access to foreign markets and procurement regulations. Part of your social capital includes getting access to the capabilities of skilled people within the entrepreneurial infrastructure. Resources reflect access to capital, R&D and technology.
At EOS Academy we intend to make you part of such a collaborative network that will facilitate launching a sustainable business.


To succeed in your business you need personal support that will help you unlock your full potential. Each one of us is unique and we have a number of strengths we can tap in and weaknesses we need to be aware of and improve. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset (e.g. self-confidence, risk acceptance), enhance your conceptual and relationship skills (e.g. deal-making and relationship building skills) and your social abilities (e.g leadership skills).
At EOS Academy we mean to assess your unique entrepreneurial DNA and assist you to boost it to its maximum with tailored support by coaches, business mentors and subject matter experts.

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