Meet our Team of Volunteers

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” 
– Arthur Ashe

We are living in critical times that demand each and every one of us to step forth, engage and collaborate in order to find solutions to social and environmental problems we face. Social entrepreneurs are part of the solution but are still a minority. We need more social entrepreneurs. We need more women social entrepreneurs. I co-founded EOS Academy to help women start and grow impact-driven businesses

Dr. Eleftheria Egel 🇬🇷
Mulheim, Germany
Product Development

I have always been passionate about empowering women to pursue their dreams and make a positive difference in the world. That’s why I decided to launch the EOS Academy project together with Eleftheria. I believe that women have the potential to be great leaders, innovators, and change-makers, and I want to support them in their journey. I am excited to see what amazing things they will accomplish!

Patricia Zeegers 🇳🇱
Barcelona, Spain
Strategy & Operational Excellence 
Alessandro Z

The need for social change is an issue of extreme importance, and being able to build a platform to support women in their businesses and startups is a great chance for me to help transform the world into a better place.
In this way, I intend to use my knowledge to contribute to EOS and learn a lot about this great cause defended by the platform.

Alessandro Zadinello 🇮🇹🇧🇷Milan, Italy
Graphic Design

I’ve always had a passion for finding right fits in the market, where resources and people can join in a perfect way, that led me to working with business development and strategy. It also led me to working with Education and becoming an entrepreneur. At EOS Academy I saw all this, providing the education, networking and opportunities for women with the skills and energy to thrive. I’m looking forward to being proud of many new initiatives.

Andre Amaral 🇧🇷 🇮🇹
Geneva, Switzerland
Business Development
Ellie Angelovska

As a strong supporter of People & Culture, I am committed to helping communities like EOS provide excellent services that help others succeed, while also fostering a strong sense of belonging. I find EOS’s support for female leadership to be highly commendable and essential. By empowering women in leadership roles, EOS is promoting gender equality and bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to the table, making a significant impact.

Ellie Angelovska 🇲🇰
Skopje, North Macedonia
People & Culture
Eseosa I

Working with EOS Global strengthens my resolve to sacrifice time and devote expertise towards a progressive organization championing empowerment to a disenfranchised few. I was raised by a widow and understand the implications of social entrepreneurship and economic elevation. Creating new realities through possibilities is my focus and marries well with EOS’s strategic objective.

Eseosa Iyare 🇺🇸
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

As a platform for social change and supporting women in their businesses & startups, joining EOS is a great chance for me to be a part of this good cause. While meeting new wonderful people at EOS, learning new skills, and gaining new experiences with being a part of an early-stage startup, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and supporting the platform as a user support partner.

Ezgi Kose 🇹🇷
Izmir, Turkey
User Support
Firas B

I volunteer at EOS to make a meaningful impact on the community. It offers a valuable platform to apply my skills in creating user-friendly experiences and innovative web solutions. Contributing to the organization’s mission to empower individuals through education and technology is incredibly fulfilling. Volunteering allows me to grow professionally and personally, fostering a sense of purpose and camaraderie with like-minded individuals.

Firas Bentaleb 🇹🇳
UI/UX Development

I strongly believe in promoting gender equality and supporting the community through my involvement in this organization. I find it admirable that they are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs and providing valuable training sessions for organizational growth. By contributing to this cause, not only will I be able to help others, but I will also have the opportunity to enhance my personal development and network with like-minded individuals.

Geryen de Ramos 🇸🇷
Athens, Greece
User Support

EOS’ initiative on empowering women aligns with my inner passion to make a positive impact on society. Supporting these efforts contributing to economic growth, social progress worldwide, breaking down gender barriers, and promoting gender equality, brings me a great sense of personal fulfillment. Moreover, it gives me the chance to meet people from all walks of life and build relationships that can have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Hyppolite Takoua 🇨🇲
Douala, Cameroon
Website Development
Istvan Weisz 🇭🇺
Puerta de la Cruz, Spain
Graphic Design

As a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship to effect positive change, I was drawn to EOS’s approach to empowering women social entrepreneurs. By providing tailored support and fostering a network of like-minded individuals, EOS is creating a community of changemakers who can collaborate, share resources, and drive progress toward a more equitable world. Isn’t that what entrepreneurs need?

Lovish Sharma 🇮🇳
Rohtak, India

I understand and appreciate the power that a woman entrepreneur has in shaping the course of a society, more so in Africa. As I work towards facilitating the development of MSMEs, I would like my work to impact more women and youth. At EOS I will benefit a lot from its global and inclusive women empowerment outlook.

Mika Mitoko 🇰🇪
Nairobi, Kenya
Business Development

I volunteered with EOS Academy to empower women in pursuing their dreams and making a positive impact. Their dedication to providing tools and mentorship aligns with my beliefs. Together, we create a ripple effect of change, inspiring strong, capable, and empowered women driving progress worldwide.

Pezhman Rajabimehr 🇮🇷
Turin, Italy
Video Production & Motion Graphic Design
Rhon Barras

Women social entrepreneurs’ innovative solutions tackle pressing issues, empower communities, and create a more equitable world – for all of us. Through their leadership and resilience, they inspire others and demonstrate the transformative power of entrepreneurship for a better future. With EOS Academy I’m excited to provide a platform & community for exactly these entrepreneurs, who we need so many more of!

Uschi Erdei
Waleed Z

Women’s empowerment is the most neglected area around the globe. I joined this community to support the issue of global economic change, and to change society’s narrative and mindset. I believe women have an equal part in economic development. They should be encouraged to lower their dependencies on their counterpart. I would like to play a part and support help this community to achieve its goals.

Waleed Zahid 🇵🇰
Seattle, USA
Product Research