EOS Academy is an early-stage, social, EdTech startup where aspiring and emergent women entrepreneurs come together to launch & grow their impact businesses.

We are entrepreneurs & business professionals. We are here for women who want to build businesses and do good. For women who are ambitious and determined. For women who understand that collaboration is the key to future success. We are here to help determine if social entrepreneurship is a good fit, validate business ideas, get started, and support growth.
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

At EOS Academy we are looking for enthusiastic, hands-on volunteers to join our global, and fully remote team and help us build and positively impact our community. We understand people do not fit into neat boxes, and will always try to match your ambitions with our available seats and long-term vision. We offer a gratifying experience and the opportunity to join a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about changing the way business is done. Together we make the lives of women social entrepreneurs easier.

Come and join us and make a difference today!